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What sets us apart from everyone else?

Everyone wants bang for buck. Tight budgets are the current buzzword's in this industry and were all trying meet our margins but get the best product for the smallest budget. Well thats exactly why we started. After working in the industry for a combined 20+ years we were seeing good people overcharged for average work when we knew so many fantastic creatives capable of offering better final product without all the inflated prices. Out of that frustration Contentment Factory was born. Using out large network of fantastic talent we're here to make great content that will make the client happy at a price that is fair for all parties.


At Contentment Factory, we believe in getting straight to the point - we don't believe in unnecessary faff. Let's find the team from our pool of creatives that suits your brief and get down to creating content that makes your brand happy!

Example of our talent work

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